Founded 1891 as Battersea Polytechnic Institute, became College of Advanced Technology 1956. Acquired present status and title by Royal Charter 1966.

자금 지원: 알 수 없음
학년 4
언어 1
학과 4
  • 입학 상세사항: General Certificate of Education (GCE)/GCSE, or equivalent, with either: passes in 5 subjects of which either 1 is at Advanced 'A' Level, and 2 at Advanced Supplementary ('AS') level, or 2 are at 'A' level, or passes in 4 subjects of which either 2 are at 'A' level and 2 at ('AS') level, or 3 are at 'A' level. Passes at GCSE or GCE. Ordinary ('O') level (Grades A-C) may also be counted in part fulfilment of this requirement, but a subject may not be included at more than 1 level and passes in subjects which contain a high proportion of common material will not be counted separately. Further information may be obtained from the Admissions Office
짧은 온라인 과정 2

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